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Are you and your family prepared for an emergency, accident or natural disaster? Our website provides all the information and survival tips you need to help you be prepared and have peace of mind.


Survival Tips, Emergency, Weather and Natural Disaster Preparedness, Home Safety

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Tips For Preparing Your Family For Fire Emergencies
Hundreds of people die every year because of fire-related incidents, especially during the Christmas season. Thus, it is very important for us to be prepared for such emergencies. Each member of our family should know what to do in case of fire. More importantly, all of us need to know what to do to prevent fire.

Preventing Falls is Important to Senior Health
When you think of your aging loved ones, what do you worry about most? Is it a heart attack or stroke cutting short their life, or perhaps cancer? While these illnesses are very real worries for everyone as they age, it may surprise you to discover that falls are the second leading cause of accidental death in the United States, and 75 percent of these falls occur in the older adult population.

How to Protect Your Family’s Health During a Natural Disaster
Advance preparation for severe weather is important, and it's critical to consider health information when planning ahead for a natural disaster. If you have to flee your home, you'll need contact information for your doctors, as well as information on your health coverage and medical history to maintain your health and financial security.

Keep Your Whole Family Safe and Healthy
You've taught your kids to look both ways before crossing the street, and your parents not to give their credit card number to telephone solicitors. But if you're like most Americans, keeping your family healthy and safe is a daily, life-long challenge.

How to Deal with Home Pests - Ants, Rodents and other Unwanted Pests
At some point in time, every homeowner will have to deal with unwanted rodents or pests. These can be anything from bugs to mice or other outside animals. There are a few things that we can do to protect our home from these things and to make our home a more comfortable place to live

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