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Are you and your family prepared for an emergency, accident or natural disaster? Our website provides all the information and survival tips you need to help you be prepared and have peace of mind.


Survival Tips, Emergency, Weather and Natural Disaster Preparedness, Home Safety

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Power Outages: How Can Homeowners Prepare
Severe weather along with the frequent unreliability of utility providers is a concern for homeowners who rely on a steady source of power. From computers, to electric water and sewage pumps to the radio and television -- there are so many things that most of us take for granted and can hardly function without

First Aid for Heat Cramps
Heat cramps, irrelevant of the type and place of cramp in our body, are very painful. And if not dealt seriously can lead to something critical such as heat stroke as well.

What is First Aid
First aid can be administered by a layman or a non-doctor. It involves performing a series of simple, life-saving medical techniques using minimal equipment.

Personal Health Records Save Time and Lives
In urgent circumstances - and as a part of day to day living - there is great value in having easy access to this information through a secure, online personal health record, any time of day or night, regardless of your doctor's office hours.

CPR - How to Perform Cadiopulmonary Resuscitation
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation comes handy for people having cardiac arrest, electric shock in addition to injury or drowning.

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